For this project, STUDIO THO was briefed to create a peaceful yet playful kitchen design, allowing a better connection to the adjacent living room.

The new kitchen basically “folds” around an existing wall, and a balanced mix of color(blocks), structures and materials creates a playful but not-to-heavy look. Check out some of the special details: superskinny yet superstrong shelves, perforated fronts, grooves milled into oak fronts, slanting shapes of the worktop. And for the practical people among us: the wall cabinet provides plenty of storage space, the worktops are made of solid materials, the lighting makes sure every surface needed is well lit and offers the possibility to add some extra ambience. 

“We have asked STUDIO THO because she creates unexpected and beautiful designs. Nowadays, this has become the hotspot of our house, we (nearly) always sit here.”

In pleasant cooperation with both client and constructor Haklander, we are proud to share the results with you and all stakeholders who contributed to this project.

Photography: Roza Schous

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