The office is more and more about coming together, not just about being productive. We are increasingly looking for meaning in our work, work has become part of our identity. Therefore, the office has become a place for like-minded people to come together and work on shared goals. The workspace design should support in carrying out your aspirations.

Marlies Thomassen is convinced that surroundings greatly influence our mood and motivations. Through clear shapes, lines and playful elements, STUDIO THO designs inspiring workspaces that attract and involve people, without losing functional requirements out of sight. Always starting with research of the company and its ways of working, the essence and core values are translated into custom-made and distinctive interiors and furniture, resulting in spaces where people want to be, not need to be. 

STUDIO THO works for small and medium sized companies wishing to offer a playful, visually attractive and energizing work environment to their team. 

A THO workspace…
... invites to meet each other
… has a well-thought spatial design and routing
… sparks creativity and co-operation
… enables focused work too
… is not your average office​​​​​​​
… makes you stick around!

If you want to know more about STUDIO THO’s creative processes, feel free to get in touch! I’m curious to hear more about your ideas and wishes on the work environment!
Photography: Roza Schous
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